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About Us

Quality meets Affordability

PRIME Tattoo Supply emerged in 2016, setting a new standard for excellence in the tattoo industry by delivering unparalleled quality supplies with affordable pricing. Based in the USA, we pride ourselves on offering professional-grade supplies tailored to the needs of tattoo artists worldwide.

With a firm commitment to quality and affordability, PRIME Tattoo Supply sets new standards. Our dedication to providing top-tier products ensures that artists of any level can rely on us for the tools they need to bring their visions to life.

Artists Can Count On PRIME

PRIME collaborates closely with premium brands like Critical and Bishop, to ensure our products meet industry standards. Guided by trusted tattoo artists' feedback, our products are created to provide professional-grade equipment that blends style and functionality, empowering artists' creative freedom.



We cater to tattoo artists both domestically and internationally, offering our high-quality affordable products to artists around the world. Please look to purchase from the following master dealers.




Product knowledge, exceptional customer support, and any assistance in regard to PRIME products can be reached through our premium dealers below:




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