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Coming late May

PRIME Battery + Magnetic RCA Converter

$179.99 USD

Introducing the Critical x PRIME Magnetic Battery, designed for seamless compatibility with your Critical x PRIME Pen Machine. Effortlessly connect it to your device and experience the convenience of a one-handed battery swap when paired with the Critical Docking Station.


Additionally, the battery includes a magnetic RCA converter, granting you the flexibility to power any RCA machine.

Coming Soon

• Fits Critical x PRIME Pen Machine

• Easy-swap magnetic battery connection

• Jumpstart on/off: Activate Jump Start mode if the needles are not moving when you turn on the machine

•1 X Battery

•1 X Magnetic RCA Converter

•1 X 2ft. USB-C Charging Cable

Shop the Critical x PRIME Pen Machine

Engineered in collaboration with Critical™, the PRIME Pen was designed with a custom precision Bishop™ motor made in Japan. Versatility meets excellence with easy-swap magnetic battery connection and is compatible with most cartridge brands.

PRIME Pen Battery
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