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Ergonomically designed for comfort, PRIME Disposable Grips help minimize vibration and hand fatique. These grips are compatible with the PRIME Pen.

PRIME Disposable Grips

  • • Fits PRIME Pen Machine

    • EO Gas Sterilized and individually packaged

    • 10 pcs/box, 1oz/grip

Craftsmanship Meets Affordability


Powered by Creative Forces

Crafted in partnership with Critical, the Prime Pen embodies the fusion of superior quality and formidable performance, all at an accessible price point. Boasting a dependable custom Bishop motor made in Japan, it ensures reliability with every stroke.


Affordable Upgrades

Upgrade your experience with an extra PRIME Battery and PRIME Disposable Grips. With an extra battery, you can extend your tattooing sessions without interruption. PRIME disposable grips help minimize vibration and hand fatigue.

Exceptional Customer Care

Our commitment to your satisfaction knows no bounds. Access dedicated customer support services through our trusted network of exclusive dealers, who prioritize your needs above all else.

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